Videos: Infielding

As the saying goes, "Defense wins championships!" A coaches and players we need to put an emphasis on our definsive game. Infielders require specific skill sets, not only in general but also for each infield position. From playing the hop, to backhanding hard-hit ground balls, your infielders need to be fundamentally sound and better prepared to control the tempo of the game. Use the videos below to further develop your infielders and lead your team to a championship.

Fielding Fundamentals

 ​​​​​​​Pre Pitch Setup

Short Hops

Jab/Read Step

Backhands & Forehands

Fielding Position

How to Field a Slow Roller

Reading Hops

Fielding Fundamental Drills

5 Must Know Infield Drills

Bad Hop Drills

Knee Fungos

Backhand Drills

Everyday Drills

Forehand Drills

Ripken Fielding Drills

Slow Roller Drills

1st Base Fundamentals & Drills

1st Base Fundamentals

1st Base MLB Tips

1st Base Footwork

Holding Runners at 1st Base

1st Base Fielding Drills

1st Base Defensive Drills

1st Base Drills

2nd Base Fundamentals & Drills

Second Base Fundamentals

Second Base Flips

Second Base Double Plays

Second Base Flip Drills

2nd Base Pivot

2nd Base Double Plays

3rd Base Fundamentals & Drills

Third Base Positioning

Third Base Drop Step

Learn from a Pro

Double Plays from 3B

Short Stop Fundamentals & Drills

SS Double PlayFundamentals

SS Double Play Drills

SS Double PlayFundamentals

SS Double Play Drills

SS Double Play Fundamentals

Double Play Drills at Home

SS Double Play Pivot